Cooking Vegetables

If you have been following the blog, then you know that increasingly we are trying to include as many raw vegetables as possible into our meals. Raw vegetables are not necessarily better for you and flavour is not lost (although flavour does change - for the better or not…) when they are cooked, but we generally feel better when we include a lot of raw veg in our diets.


As is the case with legumes, there is a number of rice varieties to choose from. Also as is the case with legumes, different rice varieties have found a place in different geographic and cultural cuisines. There are a number of colours and sizes of grain to choose from and there are very significant differences in the taste and cooked texture.


As with a a lot of grains and pulses, quinoa is a large family of plants that includes many varieties. It is considered a pseudocereal or a pseudograin and is most commonly available in three colours, red, white and black. 


For a long time cooking dried beans seemed somewhat intimidating, like it was too much of a commitment. I like the idea of have things “right now!” so all the soaking and night-before prep seemed quite demanding.