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Get Cooking

I hear it a lot: "you are a good cook", "you like cooking", "you have time to cook"... True, most of the time I am happy with the results, I enjoy the process and I have enough time for what I am attempting to prepare. But I believe that most of us can and would be "good cooks" if we understood better the practical "how-to" of cooking healthy, delicious and affordable food. Yes, some meals do require a lot of time and some are more technical than others, but fundamentally, cooking should be easy, fun and achievable. Oh yeah, and not everything needs to be cooked and some ingredients can come right out of a can, box, jar, or bag.

I aim to add recipes that fit into all of those categories. I will prioritise ease and time spent with the hopes that inspiring and satisfying meals will encourage exploration, adaptation and of course tingle your taste buds. What is available seasonally is important for taste, price and environment and should be a catalyst to explore new flavours and ideas.

Vegetables are great, I love 'em, Baby Green and Mrs Green do as well. Many fruit and other herbivores' delights fit into the veg category: think tomatoes, peppers, avocados, even peas, beans and cucumbers. Then there are the flowers, buds, bulbs, roots, etc. And it doesn't really matter what exactly you eat, vegetable-wise, so long as you are getting a decent variety and proper quantities of all of them. Remember that, generally, vegetables are full of nutrients but are not very calorie dense, which is why they hang well with their many cousins from the great big plant kingdom.

Breakfast as Ritual

Breakfast as Ritual